Pink Out – Fight like a Girl

M&M Recreation LLC – Pink Out

I work at M&M Recreation, LLC, a new Start-up manufacturing company, and Wednesday, I was in my office just starting the day, and Stacey, a plant supervisor, asked me to come out for their morning meeting.  This totally confused me, as there really isn’t anything I usually can input, but I went out.

When I got there, Stacey came over to me and started to talk to me, and told me that everyone is aware of my mom’s fight with Stage 4 Breast Cancer, and that they were wearing Pink in her Honor.

I was totally speechless, I used to know the people in the shop, as I was doing HR functions, but that has been moved to someone else, so I do not know most of the people out there.  My son Dyllan works in the shop with them, but doesn’t know everyone.  So this was so touching.  I was not expecting this at all.

I loved that one guy was wearing “Real men wear Pink” t-shirt, and he came up to me to talk and say how sorry he is that my mom is fighting this disease.  Another guy had a pink t-shirt on, and came up and gave me a hug. Whoever said men don’t wear pink, don’t know the awesome guys that work at M&M Recreation.

I got so many hugs and well wishes from everyone.  I wish my mom could have seen this.  I accepted these hugs on her behalf.  I have chatted with more of the employees in the shop these last two days, it is nice, and makes my day.

Mary (HR manager) came to me and told me to come out at the employees 8 am break, and pull out a name out from those who had pink on, so I pulled a name, and Kayla Kelley won a Free custom Breast Cancer Cornhole set (hint, Cornhole sets are what we make).  

Here is the Custom Cornhole set she won!  I love this set. Thank you to everyone who helped design, print and assemble this set for Kayla.

Custom Breast Cancer Cornhole Set – by M&M Recreation

You never know how people will react when your family has something like this going on.  I am thankful that they were thinking of us during this time. This was not something I would have thought they would do.

Thank you to everyone at M&M Recreation for their thoughts and prayers, my mom and my family appreciate it.


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