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After my visit to Honduras in February, I wanted to send pictures to my sponsor children from my visit. Since we cannot send photo Album books that have medal clips or are more than ¼” thick, I decided to see if I could create one myself. I did not want to just send a stack of pictures, that they could get lost, or damaged.

I have a lot of Scrapbooking supplies, so I decided to use these and some thicker cardboard to create the albums. I wanted each child to have a different look, this way they were more personalized than just all the same. Depending on the child, really depends on the scrapbook paper that you can use.


  1. 2 sheets of 12″x12″ Scrapbook paper
    1. 4 sheets of 12″x12″ for inside the album (optional)
  2. 2 sheets of 8 ½” x 8 ½” thick paper (24 lb works great) 
  3. Photo insert sheets
    1. Buy the sheets individually
    2. Or buy an Album and remove the sheets
  4. Ribbon to hold together
    1. So they can add more pages
  5. Glue
  6. Scrapbook stickers to attach the photos.
  7. Lots of pictures!
    1. Or you can leave blank to add pictures as you send
  8. Hole punch
  9. Ruler (to help make straight folds)
  10. Photo’s – of course!


Step 1: Place one photo insert sheet on the thicker paper, and cut the back paper to fit the size of the sheets. Depending on how much border you want around the photos, will determine what size you need to cut down. I used the full 8 ½” x 8 ½” sheets.

Step 2: Turn the scrapbook paper facedown, and cut the sheet to cover the thicker paper with extra to fold over the edges. The amount you fold over will depend on how you want it to look. I used about 1″ border folded back; it gives it a nice edge inside. Then glue the scrapbook paper to the thicker paper.

Repeat for the back cover as well. The front and back may be different colors/patterns, or the same.



Step 3: Using the Photo Sheet as a guide, place a ruler about ¼” away from the Sheet. This will be the first of two folds, make sure that your cover will be right side up before making the fold. Nothing like having an upside down design, or maybe that is your plan.

After folding the first fold, you will make a second fold, by folding the edge in about ¾ of the way, not completely in half, but almost. This helps to take into account folding the paper. When folded it should cover the holes of your photo sheet.

After folding the front cover, repeat the steps for the back cover.

Note: When doing the back, it should be the opposite of the front cover on the folds.

Step 4: Next open up the fold on the cover, and placing the photo page facing out of the cover, mark the three holes. Make sure that the edge of the page does not go over the inside fold. This will allow you to hide the holes and ribbon behind the folds. Similar to the way Scrapbook’s are put together.

Step 5: Repeat for the back cover, making sure that you have your back the correct direction.

Step 6: Using a hole punch, make the three holes on your marks. Make sure to not go thru more than one thickness of the material. Notice in the picture when you place the photo sheet matching the holes, that you will be able to fold over the edge to cover the holes.


Set you front and back down, making sure that your holes match, along with the top and bottom of the photo album. The Yellow sheet is the back, and the butterflies are the front.


Step 7: Insert your photos, I recommend putting them in before you tie it together it is easier this way. I used the Purchased Photo book to hold them to keep them in the order I wanted.

Leave spaces open to put in comments, or to break apart different activities. See in the purple album, I put a note of when and where the pictures were taken. I added a sheet of scrapbook paper to each open spot to give it more color. I used various theme matching sheets.









Step 8: Before tying the album together, double check your thickness, to make sure it is within the guidelines for Compassion, less than or equal to ¼” thick. Make sure to measure the thickest area, may be the binding, or may be the pictures. I will show you what to do with the extra photos that do not fit later.

Step 9: Tie the album together, using the ribbon. Make sure that you use a long enough string if you want them to be able to add more sheets to the album once they get it. I did not tie a knot in the ribbon, just a bow, (like tying your shoes). Then I went back and forth through the holes, and crossing the ribbon as I went. I kept going until secure and there was still ribbon left to tie. Once you have them tied together, fold down the fold to cover the ribbons.

Step 10: Add comment to the photos. I used Bing Translator to translate the English into Spanish so that I could include both translations. This way they did not need to be translated and written on. I printed them from my computer, but you can hand write them as well. My hand writing is hard to read after a while, so I prefer to use the computer and printer. (Plus with 4 children at “Fun Day” I could just change their names, and reprint. I had multiple pictures printed when more than one child was in the picture. They said they “were like sisters” and their “little brother, Kener”. So I figured they would like pictures of everyone else as well.

Step 11: The children had cameras that I let them use to take pictures. I printed these as well, and added them to a separate Album if they would not fit.

I had spent the day with Cristi at her center, and she “took my camera away” and took lots of pictures, so I made an album of my pictures, and one of her pictures. Then I had to tie together even more pictures to send to her of the children at the center for her to give to them if she wants.

Step 12: Place pictures on the front cover, or put comments, or decorate. One scrapbook sheet I used had a design on it, so I made sure it was centered, and did not add anything else to the front.

Step 13: Make sure to add the child’s name and number along with your sponsor number on the albums. This way they will get to the correct center and child. I put on the outside and the inside to make sure it did not come off.

Photo Albums

Here are pictures of four of my albums that I made. I had so much fun. I made Kener one that looked boyish for him, but forgot to get a picture.  I added the borders when I printed the pictures at

Sharon, her Grandmother and I after I gave her a gift.

Nayeli and I when we first met, with the picture & Picture frame she gave me.

Genesis and I when we met at her home for the first time.

Christi at her center the day we got to spend together.


I loved making these for the 4 girls and Kener, and if you have any questions, please let me know.

I am happy to announce that I am going back to Honduras in a little over two weeks! And this time it will be at the beach with 6 girls and Kener. Ages 6 to 15, can not wait to see all the pictures the translators and parents take. Looks like I will be making more of these in the near future.

Thank you for reading my blog, and come back later in the month to follow my visit and the wonderful children in Honduras.

Lisa Pickering


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